Why us?

Dlaczego my Why work with Tax Expert 24 ?

  • you do not have to go anywhere - we pick up documents from your office
  • on-line access to our accounting system (selected features) via a secure encrypted connection
  • you do not need invoicing software - we provide our on-line solution
  • your data is fully protected and archived in 2 independent Data Center
  • our business is insured in PZU
  • we register a new company for you and help you start a business (bureaucracy, administration, sales)
  • we have 2 locations in Warsaw: Bialoleka (Modlinska 61) and City Center (Elektoralna 13)
  • Virtual Office available in 2 locations
  • we speak English and Russian, prepare reports/balance sheets in several languages

We provide accounting services in the following areas:

  • full accounting (trade books)
  • revenue and expense ledger
  • flat rate tax on registered income
  • tax returns (settlement monthly, quarterly, annual)

HR and payroll:

  • preparation of contracts, agreements and work orders
  • payroll
  • social security (ZUS) (including electronic documents transmission)
  • assistance in conducting employees personal files
  • assistance in preparing employee documentation

Additional services:

  • assistance in choosing the legal form and tax treatment for new registered companies
  • company registration support with all formal activieties (Notary's contract, Court / standard registration, ID, Social Security, Tax Office, etc.)
  • support for the establishment of accounting policies (in units of conducting a full accounting) or implementing a system of document workflow
  • preparation work regulations
  • annual financial statements
  • reporting required by the government offices, (Tax, Statistics etc).
  • preparation of internal reports to the owner / Board (in Polish, English)
  • representation in public offices, including all government controls/audits