Start business in POLAND

We are pleased to present you a full service proposal for start-ups and companies which want to enter the polish market. We are aware of the amount of work to be done in order to register a company in Poland and provide its development, therefore we offer our experience to significantly reduce your time and costs associated with starting and running a business.

We provide full service from the very beginning and formation the company, but also virtual office, accountancy and general advisory in the field of sales/marketing and business running in Poland. Our offer is supported by partners - lawyers, tax advisors, financial institutions, IT and telco specialists and many others.

  1. Company formation – we suggest few ways of formation:
    1. Formation from the beginning - incorporating new company by foreign shareholders. 
      Services included – preparing company formation act according to agreed details, visit at Notary to sign the act, sworn translator ENG-PL (necessary during Notary meeting), preparing documents to the National Registry Court that have to be attached to the company formation act, personal delivery of registration documents to the court, applying for the NIP tax number and REGON statistical number.
    2. Buying existing “shelf company” - foreign shareholders buy clear shelf company. 
      Services included – preparing the contract of shares sales to the new shareholders, visit at the Notary to sign the contract, sworn translator ENG-PL (necessary during Notary meeting), preparing documents to the National Registry Court that have to be attached to the company formation act, preparing shareholders resolutions changing the Board, company name and address etc, personal delivery of documents to the court. The company has all necessary documents and tax/statistical numbers that allow to run activity, there are no operations and any issues that could have any impact on the company.
  1. Virtual office – we offer registration address for the new companies in our office in Warsaw. At the beginning of activity, when the company is at the first stage of development, there is no need to pay for the full time office. Our solution is cheaper and more flexible.
    Services: post mail administration, scan2mail, conference room rental and many others

  2. Accounting and payroll – our core activity. We specialize in services for foreign companies that want to start and run business in Poland, help to enter the market and organize full business structure
  1. Bank account management – we offer also running your company bank accounts in Poland. Many of our clients give us limited access to their accounts in order to make payments, prepare transfers of social security and tax, salaries, analyze payments etc. Each payment must be accepted finally by the second person, we only put data to the system according to invoices and other documents that we create or receive from our Client. 

We hope that this information will help you to make decision about moving part of business to Poland – we are really fast growing economy and there are lot of possibilities to run business here and introduce new products/services to the market.

Although tax rules and administration are not easy in Poland, we are here to help you forget about those issues and just focus on your core business activity.

In case of any questions please don’t hesitate to ask for details.