Taxxo jasna strona księgowości

Accounting Office TAX EXPERT 24 (Expert BPO Sp. z o.o.) is a nationwide partner TAXXO e-accounting network. With the integration of our accounting system Comarch ERP XT Optima with Taxxo platform, we can offer our customers a wide range of online services and access to information contained in the accounting system. Additional overlays allow you to generate advanced reports and statements, and automatic notifications allow better control run business.

With Taxxo e-accounting platform we provide our customers:

  • Time save - with quick access to data and reports online
  • Business information management tools
  • Better control of payments and settlements
  • Free invoicing - no reason to purchase an additional system

Podstawowe moduły platformy Taxxo:

  • Taxxo e-accounting office - electronic communication with the accounting office and access to accounting data online. Online customer panel allows you to view documents, payments, access to e-invoice module and the ability to receive notifications of taxes and social security (e-mail and SMS)

  • Taxxo e-invoice - an online system for invoicing, debt collection and carrying cash, combined with the system of accounting office

  • Taxxo e-documents - online flow of accounting documents between the client and the accounting office. Convenient database of scanned documents - electronic document archive and quickly search the necessary invoices.

  • Taxxo e-financial analysis - a system for reporting and analysis in MS Excel with automatic update of data from the accounting system. Always up to date financial reports in any sections.

  • additional modules configured individually enable significantly automatic documents flow and information, minimize expenditure of time/work necessary for the effective management of the company

If you are interested in more information - please contact our Office.