Virtual Office

Dlaczego my Virtual Office is a solution for those who want to carry on their business with minimal cost and paperwork. This is a great alternative to a traditional office, especially in the first stage of your activity in Warsaw. After few months you can decide: continue Virtual Office activity or rent a real office.

Virtual Office Service

Using our services you will get the opportunity to register your company at a prestigious address in the heart of the capital, Elektorana street at a very attractive price. We offer also location in A-class office building at Modlińska street, with possibility to rent standard office in the future without changing address (no room number in the contract).

Our offer is excellent for start-ups and entrepreneurs planning to expand its activities in the heart of Poland - Warsaw. Working with us, you get the opportunity to create a professional image of the company with low cost of running activity. We provide a professional, discreet and attractive services.

The Virtual Office services we offer:

  • legal registered company address
  • ability to put the address on business cards, stamps, other company materials
  • receiving and storing correspondence, information on incoming shipments
  • keeping a record of incoming correspondence
  • receiving courier shipments
  • scanning correspondence and send it to the specified e-mail address
  • fix local phone/fax number (IVR system, redirecting to a mobile, voice mail, fax to e-mail)
  • conference room
  • coworking

Virtual Office Warsaw

Check our Virtual Office service in Warsaw. If you need prestigious address in very good place in Warsaw for you business you are in right hand. In our offer we have additional services to add, like:

  • scanning correspondence
  • coworking room
  • room to organize conferences

Our Virtual Office will help you to running a business with high quality. If you need good accountant services we are at your service.